Class Activities-Teaching by Themes


Theme-based activities are a great way to teach English language learners.
Click below for some interesting and fun activities.


Mars - Volcanoes - Human Body - Fish - Rocks & Minerals - The West - Clipart

Flight - Valentine's Day - Ladybugs - Solar System - Ancient Egypt - Rollercoasters

Halloween - The Zoo - Bats - The Nutcracker - Circus - Statue of Liberty - Insects - American History

Our Online Project Pages - Thanksgiving - Winter

Mars Top
Insects Top
Statue of Liberty Top
The Circus Top
The Wire Circus-Lesson Plan
The Nutcracker Top
The Zoo Top
Switch-A-Roo Zoo-create animals
Wild Games-interactive
Animal Puzzle Mania-interactive
Bats Top
Halloween Top
Halloween Interactive Activities-teachers love SmartBoards
Thanksgiving Top
Roller Coasters Top
The Solar System Top
Ancient Egypt Top
Ladybugs Top
Flight Top
Volcanoes Top
The Human Body Top
Fish Top
Rocks and Minerals Top
The West-Yesterday and Today Top
Clipart Top
American History Top
Valentine's Day Top
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