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Homework Help-Math Top
Math.com-the world of math online-basic math, everyday math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and more
Algebra Help-the fastest growing online source for help with algebra-calculators, lessons, and resources are designed to help you learn and understand algebra.
Hotmath-guided solutions for the actual homework problems in popular math textbooks.
Math Translator-English/Spanish dictionary of math terms
AAA Math-hundreds of pages of basic math skills with interactive practice, explanations, and challenge games
Create a Graph-create your own graphs and charts
A+ Math-a web site developed to help students improve their math skills interactively, it contains flash cards, game room, homework helper, and worksheets
Go Go Shopper-learn the value of money-lessons and activities
Math Dictionary for Kids-an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language.
McGraw Hill Math Dictionary-multilingual with images
Schoder Interactivate-interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in math and science
Homework Help-English Top
Grammar Now-ask a grammar question, and lots of grammar resources
The Guide to Grammar and English-guide to grammar and writing
The Ultimate Writer's Guide -resources for essay writing, grammar, paragrpahs, word usage and more
How to Write an Essay-guide to writing a basic essay
Homework Help-Social Studies Top
4 2 Explore-when you're learning about something new, it's nice to have more than one resource to explore. This web project provides "four to explore" for each topic. On each page you'll find information, definitions, links, and other resources.
Hyperhistory-over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history
Digital History-an interactive U. S. history textbook including well-arranged links to primary sources, an "Ask a Historian" section, classroom handouts, audiovisual archives, and much, much more
Portals to the World-selective links providing in-depth information about countries around the world.
CNN Student News-news for students and resources for teachers
Square Deal-US Presidents-information about the US Presidents. Includes links with pictures.
Homework Help-Science Top
Exploratorium-the museum of science, art, and human perception
Playing with Time-a collaboration between Red Hill and the Science Museum of Minnesota this site looks at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods.
Biology4Kids-biology basics
Chemistry4 Kids-chemistry basics
Homework Help-General Top
iTools-look up words and translate into different languages, includes dictionaries, thesauruses, and more.
Kid Info-homework help and references for students, young children, teachers, and parents
Kids Konnect-a safe Internet gateway for kids...created and maintained by educators...
Activity Search-search for activities by keyword, topic, or theme
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